The mainhull, the small hull, the beams and the cockpit are transported separately to the beach about one km from the building place. There they are glued and screwed together. That was done in three days. A crane lifted Nixe near the water at low tide.


Nixe is floating on her waterline since today 19.00 Thai time. Unfortunately it was too dark to take pictures, but I will do that tomorrow morning at the next high tide. We had planned to get a crane tomorrow, but in the afternoon when I was away to buy something I got a call, the crane is already there. So all went then in a hurry and from 17.00 on we had a bottle of beer and waited for high tide. It is wonderful to see her moving slightly in the water held by two anchors and two lines to trees. There was then not enough time to finish the painting job where we had glued the beams in today, but the painters agreed to come tomorrow to finish. So on monday we will leave for a first sail.