Some of the locker doors are in now, the rest will follow next week. Luckily I found two people who want to work on Nixe until she is finished. They start next week and will sand and paint inside everything. Actually I work on the water system and will finish next week, then the electric system is next.
One picture shows the hull from outside with all the holes for hatches and portholes cut out. The other are from today with the finished locker doors inside.


Last week I finished the fresh water systems. There are four tanks containing about 600 liters totally. Two are for the toilet and shower room, two for the kitchen. Each has a valve so I can use the ones away from the center first and then the inner ones. I use footpumps because a pressure system uses more water and is more complicated. On my previous boat were also footpumps and that works well even when taking a shower. In the kitchen the pipe leads to the one tap. In the toiletroom the tap for the sink and the one for the shower are normal houshold pieces so I can open one or the other. For the toilet I bought a small pressure pump just for the small sprinkler I use after using the toilet. So I don’t need so much toilet paper.
The tanks are ready exept for the inspection hatches. One I layed in for showing. The other holes are closed with the cutouts of the floor. I will glue them in with sikaflex when we make the second layer of the floor with nice plywood with stripes of veneer on top. While working I don’t want to walk on all that.


Other work was done on the locker room between the toilet and the rudder. The box in the corner is for the anchor chain. The small blue hose near the floor is draining the anchor chain locker into a bucket. For that I raised the floor inside about 10 cm.Two boards must be enough for tools and spare parts because on one wall I want to hang up the raincloth. There is acces from the deck and from the toilet room.
On the last picture you see the two rudders some fittings and the boxes that hold them and slide up and down with them when raising or lowering the rudders.


Now she is sprayed. Between the two yellow tapes I want a yellow stripe of 5cm separated by a white stripe of 2,5cm from the black antifouling. That looks fresh and bright. I work on the beams now. It is not easy to bend the wood battens that connect the plywood sides of the beams enough. So I prebent them over 3 days and wetted and heated them alternating. There are slight burnmarks, but they are only on the surface and can be sanded off.
Next week the painter will paint the deck. As I want some antislip granulate in the paint, he will roll it. I hope to finish the beams so we can put the two hulls together for the first time. I am keen on seeing her in full size.


We have joined the two hulls with the beams, the cockpit is nearly done in the main structures and then we can glass the whole lot. There is just one problem. We can not bring her to the beach in one piece. The road is not big enough, the boatbuilder says. There is enough space, but to ask the police and the majors office would not be easy, cost a lot of money and time and if they would say yes to a transport of that size is unsure. So we decided to bring her to the beach in pieces and glue and screw her together there. The pieces will be the main hull, the side hull, the beams and the cockpit. So before we glue anything now we have to discuss if it will be glued to the beam or the cockpit or the main hull or not even glued, only screwed and glued later at the beach. You see, there is enough to discuss now.
I was thinking a lot about the beams and the cockpit. They are big and strong and the cockpit is long. With the upper side of the beams bending more down and the cockpit one meter shorter she would look much more elegant and light. But how much wood and weight would I save compared to the actual weight? It is not a lot. On the other hand I have a good protecting backrest over the whole length of the cockpit and I have two meters of bench to lie or sleep in the open and outside of that there will be a small deckhouse of one meter only to sit in when the weather gets bad. There I will have shelter. She is ment to be a boat to use as a cruiser, not a racer.