Building Nixe goes on quite fast. We started 09.08.12, the Ama just needs painting and the plywood of the sides for the mainhull is cut. Even when it’s rainy season in Thailand now and we only have a tent with no sides it is not that bad. Yesterday was one of the bad days, rain and strong wind several times a day so we could only try to protect the plywood. But today we joined the two hull sides with nylon and tomorrow we will turn it around to the right side glue on the sheerclamp and spread out the sides.
On the fotos you see the ama before decking with bulkheads and deckbeams and the bulkheads to fix the beams later. The other one is from today, showing the still flat sides of the mainhull glued together with black nylon, left of it the ama. The third is a drawing I made how she will look when finished.

the sides glued together with nylon tape

the sides spread out

epoxy filler at the keel line and bending in the sides with spanish winches

temporary support to define the shape and some bulkheads in place

inside the small hull

bulkheads and deck beams


awaits painting

sides of the main hull cut out of scarfed plywood

the two sides glued together with nylon tape


Today we spreaded the hullsides and glued the sheerstrake on. On the picture you can see the ama beside the still brown mainhull. After the hullsides are squeezed in the bows will come down and the hull will have the same appearance as the ama, just bigger.


It took us nearly a day to build the frame to hold the plywoodshell in the form it has to be. But now the sides are bent in, the bows have moved down a bit and today we have drawn lines inside where the bulkheads have to be, glassed the inside and have cut out the part of the bulkheads under the floorboards so we can glue them in on monday and lay the floor. Then we can easily walk inside the hull and build the rest.

watertank separations the floor will be sitting on


On one picture you can see the construction of the separation of the water tanks under the floor.
On the other the floor is glued, inspectionholes will be done. The half bulkhead in the back is the frontside of the doublebunk (1.60m at head, 85cm at feet, 2.00m long). All bulkheads are just temporarly fixed and need to be glued in with filler and fiberglass belt. The temporary beams will be removed as soon as the deckbeams are glued in.

with floor and some bulkheads

bulkheads and boards make a kind of honeycomb


The temporary beams are out now, the shower and toilet is glassed, also the storage room behind, the work on the rudder has started, we work on the deck and the painters are fairing the hull outside. Some floorboards we glued in under the bunk, in the shower room and the storage room to fill them under with pour foam I ordered. This week was not easy because we had heavy rain nearly every day for hours.

rudder trunk with rail for the rudderbox

double bunk and rudder trunk


I poured some two part foam into the bow sections and besides the rudder trunks, closed it with plywood and sealed it with filler and fiberglass at a level about 50cm above the waterline. There will be some space for spare ankers and anker ropes (third picture). I also filled the floorboard level under the bunk, the storage room and the shower and toilet room. The round cap you see in the first picture on the floor is one of the filling holes for the foam. Meanwhile the painters started to cover the outside with glassmat ,first layer, and woven glass ,second layer (second picture). Now is a time when a lot of small things have to be done and nearly no progress is visible compared to the first weeks when the big parts were glued together. We decided to finish as much as possible before decking what is easier and less hot when the wind can flow through the boat. Maybe we will even paint the inside before decking.

shower room glassed